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My nickname is Mathou and today I am starting this recipe blog (1st of February 2017).

I am tall, but I am terrible basket player. I love art, but I am so bad when it comes to remembering artists names, movies titles or what I was going to write right here. I love meditating, yoga, massages and anything that can be relaxing but I am terrible at staying calm, I am more into thinking too much and running everywhere like a kid. I love eating healthy & taking cake of my body but I will always be the one who eats this last and lonely piece of food in the plate…

I love cooking and this is… what I am good at. So here you will find my flexitarian food ideas among with lots of vegetarian, vegan and raw-vegan recipes.

Of course there is a story of why and when and how I started to be into all this, that’s why I created this blog. You thought I was going to tell it all in the about page?

Enjoy the visit

If you would like to hear a little presentation of myself and some recipes for the winter…

The audio is in Spanish and it has been recorded with my lovely friends from La Radio, thank you !